Where to Eat in Da Nang


Where to Eat in Da Nang

Almost as delicious as pho! Bun bo at Ba Dieu, 17 Trần Tống



40k VND for a rich, spicy, lemongrass infused broth packed with tasty beef.


After preferring  the non-famous bun cha joints in Hanoi, we skipped the famous Ba Duong, and ate banh xeo at Mien Trung instead. Banh xeo is a crispy pancake filled with shrimp, beef, or other fillings.




Put a piece of banh xeo on a sheet of rice paper, throw on some veggies and herbs, roll as tightly as possible, and dip!


We also ordered the bo la lot (grilled beef in betel leaves) at Mien Trung, which was decent on its own, but wrapped up in rice paper with lettuce, herbs, green mango and thinly sliced raw eggplant, it was great. Dinner for two with 1 beer each: 135k. This place was so good we came back a few days later, but on our second visit the banh xeo was much greasier and less crispy.

We tried the recommended spot for mi quang and this place for bun mam. I enjoyed the bun mam more than the mi quang, but I wasn’t really crazy about either dish. I prefer hot food in general, and these are both room-temperature noodle salads.



Bun Mam at Quán Vân


The best part about the dish was the thick, pungent fish sauce on the table to add to your noodles. The waiter was kind enough to chase us down with a stick of gum when we left, a necessity after all that funkiness! 25k per portion and a tasty iced coffee for 10k



Mi quang tom thit at Mì Quảng Bà Vị


This wasn’t one of my favorite dishes, but it was still decent. It just didn’t have a lot of flavors going on the way so many Vietnamese dishes do. Basically noodles, a bit of pork, half a hard boiled egg, 2 shrimp that weren’t very good, lettuce, herbs, a bit of broth, and a large sesame rice cracker which was my favorite part, especially when dunked in the broth. 95k for two portions, 2 decent beef springrolls, 1 sesame rice cracker and 2 wet wipes. (Nope, those aren’t free!) Our waitress sensed we were newbies to this dish so she broke up the cracker and put it in my bowl along with a squeeze of lime. Cute and hilarious.

One of my favorite meals was this com ga quay right across from our hotel at Quan An Tai Ky, 180 Nguyen Hoang.



Delicious crispy chicken, perfectly cooked rice, pickled veggies, and side of soup.(45k per plate)


Our introduction to Bo Ne (Vietnamese steak and eggs) at Bo Ne 3 Ngon, 20 Nguyễn Văn Linh.



25k per portion, with bread, pepsi, and salad included. Tasty, greasy, and very satisfying. My favorite part was the paté.


Another really tasty noodle soup, this was my first bowl of banh canh, which we tried at Banh Canh 42



Bowl of banh canh, made better with fried dough.


It was a bit fishy before adding chilli oil, but once you add it, the broth is super flavorful with thick, hand-cut noodles, a quail egg, tender pork on the bone, and my lesser favorite fish cake and pork loaf. The best part was the delicious churros (quay in Vietnamese) to dip in the broth. The cute lady even replenished my broth mid-meal. 25 k per bowl including the tastiest fried dough we had in all of Vietnam.

Ever since traveling the north of Thailand, I’ve fallen in love with sticky rice. In Da Nang we found a stall on Hoang Dieu, across the street from the alley where we ate banh xeo. Just look for the words xôi gà at street stalls. I like it topped with chicken or preferably pork floss, a super fine shredded meat that looks kind of like shredded cheese.

Another fun street food we tried in Da Nang was Banh tran at 408 Hoang Dieu.



Crunchy banh tran


Sometimes referred to as a Vietnamese pizza, banh tran is grilled rice paper with fried quail eggs and minced meat. This one was ok, but not as crispy as I was hoping.

I used this fabulous blog as well as foodyvn as my guides for where to eat in Da Nang. My one regret was not trying any seafood while we were there.

What was your favorite meal in Da Nang?



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