Where to Eat in Bangkok


Where to Eat in Bangkok



Amazing tom yum goong


Bangkok had the best food out of my one month spent in Thailand, hands down. The one restaurant I came back to again and again (and again!) was Mit Ko Yuan, which is about a 10-15 minute walk from the Khao San Road area. Everything we tried here was amazing, but the absolute best dishes we had were the tom yum goong,(pictured above) which nearly every table ordered, the squash leaf stir fry which was a nice change from morning glory, and my absolute favorite, the crab and egg in yellow curry. (Sadly, I don’t have a photo.)



squash leaf stir fry


The crab and egg curry was rich and creamy, full of fresh, sweet crab meat and pieces of perfectly cooked scrambled egg enveloped in luscious yellow curry. Comfort food at its finest. Paired with the incredibly acidic and spicy upon request tom yum, it strikes a great balance. Not to mention the shrimp in the soup are perfectly cooked, fresh, and super meaty. We also tried the razor clams stir fried with finger root, which has a taste most similar to ginger.



Razor clams with finger root


This seemed to be one of the more popular dishes, but I found the razor clams too chewy. Most dishes range from 70-80 baht, but the yellow curry crab will set you back 140 baht. Worth every penny.

Surprisingly, a good curry was a bit difficult to find! The main problem for me, is I like my food piping hot, and unless you want to wake up for an early curry breakfast or eat in a tourist- oriented restaurant, much of what you will find in the markets and shops will be lukewarm. For this reason, staying in a guest house with a microwave would have been a great way to go! Luckily, we were able to find Poisien which is NOT exactly where it appears in the link above. Exact addresses are tough to come by in Bangkok, so once you are on Soi Ratchawithi 6, you must walk several hundred meters past where Google maps has the Boonme Building and look for this on your left hand side to find the famous pumpkin lady:



Front of Poisien restaurant



Landmark blue Internet sign and laundromat next to the restaurant


After walking up and down the streets asking everyone where to find this mystery restaurant,(nobody knew!) a man on a motorbike stopped and said “Poisien?” Yes!!! He pointed us to the place and we promptly sat down and ordered what we came for: panang curry, green curry, and because I like to get it everywhere, tom yum goong. The panang was topped with a healthy portion of thinly sliced kafir lime, which was a welcome relief from the one I ordered in Kanchanaburi which sadly had none.



Panang chicken curry


The green curry and the tom yum were burn-your-mouth hot, just the way I like it! The curry had a lot of eggplant and bamboo along with basil and chicken, and it was well-balanced with lemongrass, galangal and chili.



Green Curry


After the tom yum at Mit Ko Yuan this one was quite a let down. The shrimp were of a much lower quality, and I found the broth much too sweet.



Not my favorite tom yum goong


I wanted to try the famous pumpkin desert, but I was told it wouldn’t be ready until 6:00 pm. I never made it back to try it unfortunately.

The restaurant I was most looking forward to trying was P’aor, and I was heartbroken to see the closed sign on their door for the rest of my time in Bangkok. Their tom yum goong noodles are known to be the best in all of Bangkok. Next time!



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