Where to eat in Hue


Where to eat in Hue


The outside of the old city


I only really did two things in Hue. Walk around the city and eat. Walking around was actually a lot more successful than eating.  Much like this guy, I could not find a mind-blowing meal in Hue. I sought out what is known as the best Bun Bo Hue, (locals just call it bun bo) and I was really disappointed. I much preferred the bowl I ate in Da Nang.

Bun Bo is a popular soup containing rice vermicelli (bún) and beef (). Is very  popular in all Vietnam, but originated in hue. That’s why we were expecting to try a really nice bun bo here.

However, if you want to try it, look for Quan Cam at 38 Tran Cao Van. There are A LOT of 38 Tran Cao Vans, so don’t stop until you see this sign.


Quan Cam

Quan Cam


Fishy bowl

A too-fishy bowl of bun bo for me


banh canh ca loc

banh canh ca loc


The thing lacking in the fishy bun bo was depth of flavor in the broth. Good broths take lots of bones and time, and it seemed to have neither. I’m cool with fishy soups, in fact I really enjoyed this bowl of banh canh ca loc (thick noodle fish soup) at 49 Ben Nghe.

The problem was that I paid 25k for a better bowl of banh canh in Da Nang, and here they charged us 50k per bowl. You might say it’s only the difference of a dollar, but nobody wants to go back to a place where they feel ripped off and unwelcome. This was a common problem in both Hue and Hoi An, unfortunately.

We had bad weather during our stay in Hue, which made me feel less guilty about lounging around our hotel room, which was my favorite hotel in all of Vietnam, Sunny B Hotel. At $15 per night we had a huge room with huge windows, a balcony, an awesome bath tub, and free coffee or tea brought to our room whenever we asked. The staff was fantastic, and we booked our bus ticket to Hoi An with them since it was the same price as going to the booking office.



Hue was a really pretty city to wander about, which is basically all I did while I was there.


Old city walk

Old city walk around the perimeter


Gorgeous colors



Not a moment without a scooter in Vietnam!


We checked out the Dong Ba market in the morning to try and track down the bun bo Hue Anthony Bourdain ate in his Hoi An episode. Sadly,we didn’t find it, and the bowl we opted for was nothing special. The market was fun and vibrant to explore though, and we were practically the only tourists.



Fragrant bowl of pho in Hue


It was quite cold in Hue, so we found ourselves craving piping hot bowls of pho, which were pretty good at Pho Sai Gon.

Where did I go wrong? Has anybody had a great meal in Hue?



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