Thailand Rainy Season Route


Thailand Rainy Season Route

Traveling in October in Thailand means you are in the last month of the rainy season. The best way to avoid the brunt of the rain is to stay north of Bangkok. We spent one month in Thailand with this itinerary:

1) We flew into Bangkok and got directly on a flight north to Chiang Rai and spent 6 days there.

2) Took a bus from Chiang Rai to Chiang Mai and spent 7 days in the city.

3) Took a bus from Chiang Mai to Sukhothai and spent 3 nights there.

4) Bus from Sukhothai to Ayutthaya. Spent 3 nights there.

5) Ayutthya to Kanchanaburi by bus. Spent 5 nights in Kanchanaburi.

6) Kanchanaburi to Bangkok by bus, with our last 4 nights in the capital.

Trains would have been nicer, I’ve read, but they were really inconvenient compared to buses. The airconditioned buses in Thailand were soooo comfortable too! Super loungy, reclining chairs, a working toilet, an edible hot meal, water, cookies…they made Vietnam’s buses look like heaven! We only took the non-air con buses when there was no alternative, and they weren’t really that bad, just really hot when the bus wasn’t moving.

It was pretty easy to get bus tickets everywhere, but difficult to find up-to-date schedules. My advice is to check the schedule at the bus station you arrive at for potential places you want to go next, and take photographs of the timetables. I forgot to do this a lot, being too dazed after a bus ride/figuring out how to get to our hostel,and regretted it when I had to make a special trip to a station or end up waiting around for hours for the next bus!



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