Is Da Nang Worth Visiting? Yes!

Da Nang

Is Da Nang Worth Visiting? Yes!


We are really slow travelers. Most people stay no more than 2-3 days in Da Nang, but we were getting tired of moving all the time, so we stayed 5 days, and I actually wished we stayed longer! I am probably in the minority when I say I preferred Da Nang to both Hue and Hoi An.

I like cities that don’t rely on tourism as their main economy. Da Nang feels like a real city with a real economy, which means people are friendlier, you don’t get ripped off, everything is cheaper, and the food is better.

I also liked the beach in Da Nang much better than the beach in Hoi An. My Khe beach is way less crowded and the majority of the people there were Vietnamese as opposed to An Bang beach in Hoi An being filled with westerners.


My Khe beach sunset

My Khe beach at sunset

I can’t argue that Da Nang is as pretty as either Hue or Hoi An, but the laid back, real-life feel of it makes it a more appealing place to me.

There are loads of things you can do using Da Nang or Hoi An as a base, but we had 4 out of 5 days of heavy rain, so we mostly chilled in our hotel, getting out for three square meals a day, and a few iced coffees.


Sweet coffee

I don’t even like sweet coffee, but this stuff is addicting!


One thing we did was get a blind massage. This didn’t compare to the Thai massage we had in Chiang Rai, but it was definitely cheap at 60k (about $3) for a 1 hour massage plus a tip of 40k ($2) per masseuse. She did get some of my knots out, but she did a lot of twisting and popping so I was scared of her hurting my knees and neck which made it less than relaxing.

Da Nang is a short 30-45 minute bus ride from Hoi An, and a 3-4 hour bus or train ride from Hue.

Have you been to Da Nang? What were your impressions?



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