Erawan Falls National Park

Erawan Falls

Erawan Falls National Park

Erawan Falls

Going to Erawan Falls was the highlight of our five days in Kanchanaburi. We didn’t have much chance for any other excursions due to weather, budget constraints, and not wanting to spend all day on a bus.

The bus to Erawan Falls is #1180, and it is supposed to leave every hour, from 8am until 5pm. The last bus returning to Kanchanburi leaves the falls at 4:00 and is supposedly always full, so we decided to leave at 8am and return on the 3pm bus. Get to the Kanchanaburi bus station early if you don’t want to sit in the aisle for two uncomfortable hours!

At first we were quite disappointed with the falls because they were really crowded and didn’t feel very natural. We tried to get up to level 7 as quickly as possible, because the best views are at the top, but it was much too crowded. Around levels 5 and 6 we managed to find some places where we could swim on our own, and had a great time having our feet nibbled by fish.

Erawan Falls image

Wow that tickles! Free fish pedicure!

Orange butterfly

So nice to be in nature after weeks in cities

We were starving by the time we finished hiking. Definitely bring plenty of water (you have to leave it with a 20 THB deposit around level 5), snacks, ponchos if it’s rainy season,(we got soaked!) and wear sturdy shoes.

We had a really good meal at the park before getting back on the bus. We had to run to catch the bus after eating, so I’m not 100% sure which “restaurant” we ate at. It was either the third, fourth, or fifth one (they are all in a row) if you are coming back from hiking. There were a lot of wooden tables inside and a buffet spread from earlier in the day.

We ordered the pad see ew, and
gai pad nam prik pao (chicken with chili paste and basil) along with one of the best papaya salads we had in all of Thailand. Most papaya salads are too sweet for me, but this one was perfect.


They didn’t hold back on the spice I asked for which happened at so many places!




Love that crispy fried egg!

We saw camping options at Erawan Falls which would have been awesome. I would have loved to have the falls to ourselves before tour buses started arriving in droves.

Check out this site for bus information in Kanchanaburi.



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