Highlights and tips from my two months in Vietnam

Travel Fails: some of my not-so- favorite destinations

Planning a trip can be a fun, yet frustrating task. It can be really hard to decide what to include in your itinerary and what to leave out.  I love poring through travel blogs, forums, trip advisor, yelp, etc. to see what the coolest things to do are and the best places to go, but […]

Where to Eat in Hanoi

    We spent 10 days in Hanoi eating our way around the crazy city. Hanoi was our first destination in Vietnam, so it took a little while to get used to the insane motorbike traffic. There are very few crosswalks in Hanoi, (much of Vietnam really) and even if you have a green walk […]

Where to eat in Hue

  I only really did two things in Hue. Walk around the city and eat. Walking around was actually a lot more successful than eating.  Much like this guy, I could not find a mind-blowing meal in Hue. I sought out what is known as the best Bun Bo Hue, (locals just call it bun […]

Where to Eat in Da Nang

Almost as delicious as pho! Bun bo at Ba Dieu, 17 Trần Tống     After preferring  the non-famous bun cha joints in Hanoi, we skipped the famous Ba Duong, and ate banh xeo at Mien Trung instead. Banh xeo is a crispy pancake filled with shrimp, beef, or other fillings.     Put a […]

Da Nang to Hue by Train

  We usually end up taking buses out of convenience, so I was really excited for this train ride, from Da Nang to Hue. It was a quick 3.5 hours full of plenty of great coastal scenery. We didn’t buy our tickets in advance because our hotel staff told us there was a train every […]

Best Banh Mi in Hoi An

Madam Khan’s     We tasted the top three must try banh my/mi in Hoi An in addition to many others scattered around town. The hands down winner is at Madam Khan’s place at 115 Trần Cao Vân.     Her sandwich is perfect.I got three to go for the two of us, took a […]

Is Da Nang Worth Visiting? Yes!

  We are really slow travelers. Most people stay no more than 2-3 days in Da Nang, but we were getting tired of moving all the time, so we stayed 5 days, and I actually wished we stayed longer! I am probably in the minority when I say I preferred Da Nang to both Hue […]

Where to Eat in Hoi An

  This com ga can be found at a street stall on Tran Cao Van street,  directly across from the fabulous Madam Khanh Banh My  You can read more about the best banh my in Hoi An in my post here     We tried several other versions of com ga, including the well known Ba Buoi, […]