Best Banh Mi in Hoi An


Best Banh Mi in Hoi An

Madam Khan’s


lady cooking banh

This lady knows what she’s doing! She’s been making banh my since she was a teenager!


We tasted the top three must try banh my/mi in Hoi An in addition to many others scattered around town. The hands down winner is at Madam Khan’s place at 115 Trần Cao Vân.



Enjoying the madam’s banh my in my guest house


Her sandwich is perfect.I got three to go for the two of us, took a bite on my walk home and had to sit down and devour the whole thing.

This has got to be the tastiest banh my I’ve ever had. Good bread, excellent quality roasted pork, the welcome addition of egg, two varieties of pate, extra chili if you ask, and a generous portion of herbs and cucumber. She drizzles on the juices from the pork and it gets messy! No dry banh my here! And best of all no weird sweet sauce like so many banh mys seem to have in Vietnam. 20k for a huge sandwich,20k for a tall iced coffee. Most places only give you about 1/3 of the filling for the same price, or maybe 15k. Unless you’re allergic to some ingredient, just hold up your fingers for how many you want, and let the madam work her magic.


Banh My Phuong

Other place we visited was Banh My Phuong,  made famous by Anthony Bourdain, an American chef, author, and television personality. This place is in 2B Phan Chau Trinh.



The one made famous by Anthony Bourdain didn’t even come close.


At Banh My Phuong we ordered 1 #13 (grilled pork) and 2 #12s (steak and egg) nothing to complain about, but nothing that punches you in the face with flavor like Madam Kanh. The bread and ingredients were both good, but there was no zing,nothing that tied it all together. And the ordering process was hell,extra chili wasn’t really an option. 100k for 3 banh mys and 2 beers.


Phi Banh Mi

We also checked out Phi Banh Mi which was nothing special for me.



Good bread,friendly service,cheap coffee, but that’s about it.


We asked for pork,egg, and extra chili and where charged 25k per sandwich for very skimpy fillings including the pork roll I am not fond of and barely any chili. A plus here was nice coffee for 10-12k (cheap for a tourist in Hoi An, definitely getting tired of the dual pricing system in this country)


We also had two fabulous banh mys in Hanoi, but they still didn’t reach Madam Khanh’s masterpiece.

Check out this site instead of tripadvisor while in Vietnam: Foody. Site is in Vietnamise and English, so you just have to select the flag cloe to the logo, to choose the language. I find tripadvisor to be extremely misleading, I want to eat where the locals eat! You can check all different cities and search for different dishes instead of names of restaurants.



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