Ayutthaya to Kanchanaburi by Bus


Ayutthaya to Kanchanaburi by Bus

This trip was our biggest pain in the ass in Thailand because we couldn’t find much information. We always seemed to be going in the opposite direction of most travelers.


Nice views near the Kanchanaburi bus station


The Good News:

A) You don’t have to go through Bangkok (contrary to what I read on some tripadvisor forums).

B) You don’t have to spend 400 THB per person in order to do so (contrary to what your guest house may tell you).

C) The cost is 130 THB per person. 80 baht for the first leg, the mini bus from Ayutthaya to Suphan Buri, and 50 baht for the second leg, regular bus from Suphan Buri to Kanchanaburi.


The Bad News:

A) The second leg of the trip, from Suphan Buri is pretty damn slow and is not air conditioned.


What You Need to Know:

A) The cheap minibuses in Ayutthaya are lined up at the beginning of the day market, which is basically across the street from KFC. They seem to leave pretty often. We only waited 5 minutes, and when I asked the previous day he quoted 5 minutes also.

There are plenty of regular buses that I believe go to Suphan Buri right next to the minibuses for 50 baht. But for 30 baht more to shave at least 30 minutes off the time and have air con, we thought it was well worth it. The minibus took about 1hr 45 min.

B) At the Suphan Buri bus terminal we were told there were no minibuses to Ayutthaya, and that bus #411 would be leaving in 20 minutes and cost 50 baht each. We didn’t feel like investigating, and thought saving 30 baht each on this leg wouldn’t be too bad. We were wrong. This bus sucked. It was full, sweaty, and went about 20 mph, stopping every 5 minutes or so. I would definitely check on the minibus availability! This bus took about 2 hrs and 20 minutes.

C) Once you arrive to the Kanchanaburi bus terminal you may need a tuk tuk or songthaew to reach your accommodation.

We didn’t because we stayed at Canaan guest house, which is just around the corner from the bus station. Nice place and super cheap at 380 THB/night for a double with aircon and private bath.

Staying near the train station may be a better choice if you are willing to spend more, as most points of interest are near it. I couldn’t find any place rated as well as where we stayed in the same price range, and our place was only 2.5 km away.

Also, if you plan to go to attractions outside of town, such as Erawan Falls, it’s very convenient to be located next to the bus station. There is a great food night market every night right by the bus station where we ate most of our dinners, as well as a bunch of coffee shops.



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  • Rebecca

    Thank you for your tips here, and yes the second part of the trip was not really nice 😉 but I asked around (since I had to wait 40 minutes till the bus left for kanchanaburi) and there are actually really no minibusses from suphan buri zone kanchanaburi (yet).

    March 7, 2017 at 1:23 pm
    • liz

      Thanks Rebecca! Sorry for the late reply! I hope you had a great time in Thailand!


      July 10, 2017 at 6:37 pm